First contact with contemporary witches 現代の魔女との出会い (EN)

Many people ask me “why you got interested in witches and Pagans?”
It’s very simple. I wanted to use magic when I was a child.
In Japan, we have many animes and novels, whose main characters can use magic or are called “witches” even before the time of Harry Potter.
I loved “Kiki’s Delivery” directed by Hayao Miyazaki and American comedy, “Bewitched.”

I believed we could only find witches in history or stories.
I first encounter contemporary witches through the anthropology class by my supervisor at graduate school!
He showed us a DVD about contemporary Goddess Movement, which fascinated me!
After I finished three series of documentaries, I have decided “Yes! I’m going to see them!”

1、Goddess Remembered (1989) Ancient Goddess Worship

2、The Burning Times (1990) Historical Witch Hunt

3、Full Circle (1993) Contemporary Goddess Worship or Feminist Witchcraft

Director: Donna Read, Country: Canada, Language: English

At that time, I didn’t know the exact difference between “Goddess worshipers” and “Witches” though…

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